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Embroidered uniforms corporate apparel :True to Size Apparel

Embroidered uniforms corporate apparel :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Embroidered Uniforms

If you purchased your custom logo work and team embroidered uniforms anywhere else other than True to Size Apparel, then you paid too much!

With rush service at no extra charge and FREE overnight delivery to customers in Oregon, California and Washington states, it would be a crying shame to know how much you are overpaying.

Embroidered uniforms, corporate image apparel that reflects your company's success. As the custom uniform buyer for your corporation, your goals are to be

  • on or under budget,
  • carry a minimum of inventory
  • be of a quality that truly reflects corporate objectives
  • innovate to wow right now.

Whether you are shopping for embroidered school, restaurant, team or guard uniform polo shirts, medical scrubs, vests or jackets, a savvy buyer knows that procurement from fewer vendors is best to drive costs down and to earn discounts and rush delivery. General Motors went through that process over twenty years ago, as did U-Haul.

The value of considering True to Size Apparel is that the founder, Gene Constant, is a cost containment expert and has been certified as a Purchasing Manager by NAPM. Gene has applied his expertise to the True to Size Apparel business model in a way that is unique to the decorated apparel industry. His company speaks the corporate and school buyer's language!

True to Size Apparel is picky about quality and speedy delivery. Once you email your logo, you will receive an email confirmation promptly and a firm price within one business day. Your sewn logo on a fabric will be delivered via Priority Mail within seven days. You are thereby assured of the logo quality and thread color before production, thereby eliminating any chance of disappointment. True to Size Apparel is not cheap about the number of stitches it takes to give your uniform the highest result. They NEVER use a lesser quantity of stitches to provide a lower price to close your order, as quality comes first always.

As to innovation, we can custom manufacture hats, direct from mainland China and polo shirts from Turkey at a price that may be less than you are paying now, with a minimum quantity of only 150. There is no minimum order quantity on shirts, scrubs, jacket or hat orders when using garments found on our shopping cart at True to Size Apparel.

As to speedy delivery, there is NEVER a rush charge. All orders are rush! True to Size Apparel ships blank and custom logo embroidered garments Worldwide. Our biggest customer is in Nigeria and other customers include Microsoft, the United States Supreme Court and Virgin Galactic.