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Embroidered Shirts :True to Size Apparel

Embroidered Shirts :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 18th Jun 2018

Embroidered Shirts

As anyone in the service, hospitality industry or running a business knows, getting your hands on good quality embroidered shirts for employees is a must. Printed shirts are also among your clothing options but embroidered logos last much longer on clothes and stand out more than printed ones. 

Another consideration that goes into the positive mark for getting embroidered shirts for your business is that you can get customized logos embroidered as well as names and anything else you need. You can have the name of your business as well as the names of the employees who are wearing those particular shirts. You could even get mini quotes embroidered on the shirts that will make your customers smile when they read them making your business a more memorable one.

Embroidered shirts means you can get a pretty much endless variety as you can play around with different color combinations, you can choose different colors within the same logo.

We understand that every business owner has different needs and does not always require a large quantity of uniforms whether it is because of having a smaller staff or whether you are just getting replacements for lost or damaged uniforms. Regardless, we have not kept any minimum order limit so you can place an order for as many or as few embroidered shirts as you need. Our biggest priority are our customers and so we treat all orders as rush orders and you can be assured that your product will be delivered as fast as possible.

The majority of logos will cost only $2.99 to sew on and delivery charges are not applied when shipping orders of $80 or above in the US. We also attach monograms free of charge on Nike shirts, windbreakers etc that individually or collectively cost $40+. Another perk of getting embroidered shirts from us is that we offer logo setup and logo digitizing services for a fee of only $25 for the first time and after that, of course, you can use the logo over and over again.

As we have aptly summarized getting embroidered shirts for your employees is a great way to promote and project your business and its image and will surely work to attract more customers your way