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Embroidered Polo, Work - Dress Shirts :True to Size Apparel

Embroidered Polo, Work - Dress Shirts :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Embroidered Polo

One of the most difficult tasks facing any business is that of getting the public's attention. I have often said that it seems that the only way to get that notice and thus possible sales is to drive a white SUV down a major highway at five miles an hour, with your logo painted on the roof!

While it is obviously not the best idea and not for everyone other then ex-football players, a company should consider custom embroidered polo and dress shirts as a part of their uniforming strategy. A well sewn logo close to the top of the shirt is sure to be noticed by a future or present customer. What is said in that little space, considering just how many people will be seeing that, is well worth the extra $3 or so. It is only about $3 at the embroidery store to embroider most logos.

The most common location for shirt embroidery is on the left chest for both men and women's shirts, above the pocket if the shirt has one. Embroidery equipment requires too much space to allow embroidery ON a pocket unless you are willing to sew the pocket shut while doing so. Shirts that have embroidered pockets require that the pocket fabric piece be embroidered before being sewn / attached to the shirt.

The most popular width of a logo on the polo or work shirt is the left chest is 3.5 inches, with a four inch width max. Count on True to Size Apparel to offer the most popular embroidery brands such as Port Authority Clothing & Edwards Garment at the lowest prices anywhere, thanks to our Membership Rewards discounts of up to 83%. Keep your logo simple for light fabric shirts so that it does not fall forward because of the weight of a lot of thread. Keep your message simple and consider a contrasting color of embroidery thread so that your logo stands out, even if it is different than the logo color. Many of our customers will buy contrasting shirt colors rather than to get away from their logo colors.

Here at True to Size Apparel, we have seen a trend towards sewing their domain / website name on the upper / center back of the shirt. You may desire some help before your embroidery purchase by downloading a free copy of the Embroidery Buyer's Guide. No minimum order requirements and free shipping makes the shirt buying decision that much easier.