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Embroidered Clothing :True to Size Apparel

Embroidered Clothing :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 18th Jun 2018

Embroidered Clothing

Advertising via clothing is fast becoming an industry standard to make customers remember which businesses they have been frequenting and where they have the best experience. Out of ten shops visited in a day a customer might not remember the name of “That shop with the great shelving arrangement” but they’ll definitely remember the name of “That shop with the great shelving arrangement and the staff wearing that trendy embroidered outfit with the shop logo clearly visible.” So you can see from the example how much embroidered clothing that’s been customized for your business can help promote it. Need we say more to convince you to get some custom logo bearing embroidered, trendy outfits for your staff?

We always treat all our orders as rush orders and since this fast service is something we work to make part of our usual work ethic we don’t charge any extra for it. There is also no minimum order limit so whether you want to order embroidered clothing for 10 staff or 100 we will deliver. And each logo only costs $2.99 to sew on, a reasonable price for quality we say.

If you’re just starting up your business we can help you set up a logo for your uniforms which costs only $25 and then you can use it over and over again endlessly. The same price goes if you have a logo already but need it digitized to be embroidered onto clothing. If you’re getting a monogram or name embroidered on a shirt, cap, wind breaker, Nike shirt etc costing more than $40 then the embroidery will be free. And while we’re on the topic of free stuff all US orders costing $80+ will be shipped free of delivery cost.

We highly encourage you not to compromise on quality because not only are our clothes long lasting, they also are trendy and as any business savvy person knows blowsy uniforms are everywhere and totally unmemorable but a trendy, stylish uniform will be remembered along with the logo of the business it carries. Not to mention, your staff will feel great wearing stylish uniforms and when they feel great their performance will also improve.

So go ahead and order up some quality embroidered clothing from us for your business and we will help you customize it to suit your needs.