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E-commerce Business,  Business Insight :True to Size Apparel

E-commerce Business, Business Insight :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Because of what I have accomplished and lost during my decades of work with computers and the Internet, I have been asked by friends and business acquaintances to write a book.

Instead of a book, I shall concisely communicate to you my advice as to how to start, fix and/or grow your online business. You will get in this chapter the results of my 40+ years of experience. I will share some of that joy and misery so that you may survive and thrive.

  • A bit of background

Old school Email: My computer experience began while serving as a U.S. Navy Radioman in 1969. My duties included the typing of messages on a teletype machine that created a paper tape, which was used to send messages at a very high speed into a secure UHF radio system that distributed communications in a manner like present day email. Recipients of such correspondence, some of which was encrypted and most of which was classified, received their messages in their physical mail box or by messenger if the message was marked Urgent or if it was Classified. I had a Top-Secret/Crypto security clearance as a part of my duties.

Old school Computers: After departing the Navy with an Honorable Discharge, I started work at JCPenney in their camera department & began taking classes in computer programming. Computers in 1972 had data input via paper punch cards, where the holes in the paper were read and recorded onto large reels of magnetic tape. I learned how to wire the boards within the computers to facilitate the recording onto tape and related maintenance. I found that type of work to be boring and left school to focus on retail sales & marketing at JCPenney in Springfield Illinois.

Computers became exciting once again for me while I was working as Corporate Buyer and Trainer at a catalog retail chain K’s Merchandise Mart in Illinois. Before there was a consumer-friendly Internet and before Microsoft’s Windows, there was Apple, Commodore, Timex and Texas Instruments PC computers....

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