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Earn 10% Commissions Affiliate program :True to Size Apparel

Earn 10% Commissions Affiliate program :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Raise money for charity, for a political cause, for a cure, to help pay tuition, for you!

Earn 10% Commissions with the True to Size Apparel Affiliate program. If you have a social media following, own a blog or website, the True to Size Apparel affiliate program allows you to earn commissions from sales when you refer customers to True to Size Apparel.

Businesses and school sports teams are big buyers of uniforms that include custom logo embroidery and screen printing services. Individuals and families shop for colors and sizes of shirts, jackets, pants, hats and bags that are not available locally.

True to Size Apparel attracts customers worldwide, selling repeat orders in Tokyo, Lagos and the Bahamas. Shoppers in the United States love the speedy delivery and free shipping, and take advantage of the online size and color charts, as well as the videos that fully demonstrate the garment so that a potential buyer can best see how a garment fits and looks before purchase. This extra attention to detail allows customers to be more certain that they will get the right size and no unwelcome surprise when they buy clothing online at True to Size Apparel.

Visitors to True to Size Apparel love the deep 33% off storewide sale prices, and are pleased to see name brands such as Nike, Ogio, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Port Authority, and other famous brands; browsing over 2,500 styles!

The True to Size Apparel website is a marvel when shopping, regardless of the mobile device or PC used when shopping online.

The average ticket / sale for non-logo purchases is $80 while the logo clothing order average sale is $500. You earn from that same customer for six months after the sale, which improves your return on your selling efforts. Payment is made sixty days after the sale as customers have about thirty days to return and exchange their purchases. Payment to bloggers and social media marketers is made via PayPal.

True to Size Apparel has been in business for about ten years. To sign up, go to: