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Dry Cleaners Prices :True to Size Apparel

Dry Cleaners Prices :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 26th May 2018

Everybody loves designer clothes or even clothes with some aspects of them that are fancy. These clothes may be expensive when purchasing, but they sure are expensive to maintain after they are worn once or twice. They need to be washed carefully and most of them need dry cleaning. When you do give these clothes to the dry cleaners, you will realize how empty your pockets get just to get them cleaned. The dry cleaners charge way too much money for basic cleaning and that can affect your budget to a great extent.

Dry cleaners prices that they set is unimaginable. They try their level best to have a high-priced cleaning which we can afford quite rarely. For a basic white shirt, the dry cleaning will easily cost you around 20 – 30 bucks and depending on what piece of clothing it is and how much care needs to be taken, the prices of course, go on increasing. If your outfit has a lot of aspects that are fragile or fancy, there is no other option for you but to give them to a dry cleaner. But for those of us who do think that dry cleaners are for you, you can follow the steps below to take great care of your garments:

  • The first thing you can do before you have purchased the garment is to check the label. The care label will have instructions on how to maintain the garment well. This will help you in choosing the kind of clothes that do not require dry cleaning.
  • If you have already bought the clothes, the best way out is to hand was them gently. To do that, you will need a mild soap and some lukewarm water. Some people prefer washing them in the sinks of the washroom but to clean them well, you should lay them down flat and then apply the soap gently and pour the lukewarm water over them well. If the garment label says that it needs to be soaked, you can do that before washing them.
  • Steaming is also a great way to keep your clothes clean without having to wash them. Sometimes ironing is unavoidable but you can always switch steaming instead of ironing. You must first hang the garment on a hanger and allow the steamer to heat up, and then start with the steam. Let the garment hang there for 10 minutes or so until the creases have eased out.

There are a lot of alternatives available to you. A lot of DIYs to clean very fancy garments yourself will also help you find an alternative for dry cleaning. 

Of course, the easiest way to reduce apparel maintenance costs is to seek similar garments that are either machine washable or can easily be laundered by hand.