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Discount Custom Embroidery. A discount :True to Size Apparel

Discount Custom Embroidery. A discount :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Discount Custom Embroidery

A discount on the price of embroidery is wonderful if the desired result meets the buyer's expectations. Embroidery orders consist of the number of stitches of your logo, the density of those stitches, setup / digitizing of the logo and the speed of delivery.

When considering the purchase of  discount custom embroidery for your business or event, you need to know the stitch count. The cost to an embroidery company is primarily the number of minutes a commercial embroidery machine is running to complete your order. Some of these machines weigh several tons and can sew twelve or more garments at a time. Even if it is a smaller quantity, that machine can only do one logo design at a time, so your order will cost the embroidery company more because they cannot load more than one design into the embroidery machine at any one time.

As to logo density, some embroidery companies cut corners and offer you a "thin" logo to lower the price & machine running time. Be sure to ask for a sew out of your logo and look to see if you can see fabric between the threads, when you know there should not be any. True to Size Apparel emails a sewout at no cost to the customer.

Setup of a logo is also known as digitizing. This is a process of taking your design and creating a computer executable program, instructing a commercial embroidery machine as to how to move a garment, and use any of twelve needles to embroider your logo. Some new embroidery buyers think digitizing is something like a jpg or gif file and wonder why they cannot avoid the cost and provide their own digital file. Now you know! True to Size Apparel charges only $7.77 for a 5,000 stitch logo, which is the lowest price in the industry; especially when compared to competitor prices of $40 to $100 for the exact same result.

Speed of delivery is something every customer wants on every order for a service or product. Insist on a delivery date to be in writing on the sales order, even if you are not in a hurry. Many embroidery companies try to increase your cost of an order by giving a far off delivery date, then offering to do the work faster for a "rush" charge. True to Size Apparel believes every order is a rush and does not have a rush fee. ASAP is how they do things.