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Cute Embroidery. There are few things :True to Size Apparel

Cute Embroidery. There are few things :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Cute Embroidery

There are few things more satisfying than when your idea of function or fantasy becomes reality. In the area of embroidery, we are so caught up in the function of corporate and school logo embroidery, that we forget to dream.

To our potential creative customers who wish to wear a bit of fantasy from time to time, with the intent of lifting their spirits or the adding of joy to those around themselves, we recommend you consider cute embroidery of a hoodie, towel, or polo shirt. That apparel item or accessory could lift the world around you when it has a little bear, unicorn or other cute figure, and perhaps you would add a few words that arch, circle, or fit in one or two lines above or below that cute art.

We offer many cute embroidery designs for free & you also have a rather unlimited resource for cute design work if you just look at your clip art file in Microsoft Word or similar word processing document. There is a digitizing cost to take our or your art and turn it into a file that an embroidery machine can use. You can also Google two excellent companies, Dakota Embroidery Collectibles or Great Notions, that have cute designs already digitized, which means you are not paying any setup costs & you already have an expert design!

True to Size Apparel has been selling customized embroidery, including the cute stuff for over ten years, selling to companies and people around the world. Your cute embroidery would cost about $2.99 to sew on any one of our garments + the price of the garment & shipping. Take a look at the embroidery store for price information. Most orders ship in about seven days after receipt of order.

The cute embroidery idea you have had on the back burner can quickly and cheaply become a source of joy for you and those who know you. Enjoy.