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Customized Embroidery. When it comes :True to Size Apparel

Customized Embroidery. When it comes :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Customized Embroidery

When it comes to customized embroidery, the buyer / customer will never be disappointed if they ask for a sew out of their logo before the custom order of shirts or other clothes are embroidered. Save yourself a lot of money, time and emotional capital by seeing your logo sewn on a piece of fabric. The reason for taking this cautious step is obvious, especially if you are either working with a new embroidery company or are using a new embroidery digitized file of your logo. You do not want to have to donate or throw away an entire order because the logo is not to your expectation. You also may be missing an important time line for a convention or to uniform your team or business and the re-order is frustrating and is an unnecessary emotion that is avoidable with a bit of planning.

Some customers are ordering personalized embroidery and seeing their logo in an embroidery format for the first time. New customers of embroidery may not realize that there are limitations to thread when compared to ink. Sharpness is the first change to your letterhead or business card logo as thread is soft or round, unlike sharp lines found in an ink print. There are also shades of colors that thread cannot duplicate.

The embroidery store at True to Size Apparel always gives their new customers a free sew out of their logo before sewing. You should look for density of thread as some embroidery companies cut corners and offer a lower price by using fewer stitches. You do not want to see your fabric through what was to be a solid text or graphic. The misuse of satin stitches is also common in this industry. The stitches are longer, tend to snag or tear. Embroiderers who are not so honest cut corners by using these longer stitches because it reduces their machine run time, and in the embroidery business time is money. Customized embroidered garments cost is mostly in the machine time to sew and not the in the cost of thread.

Oh, you can download the free Embroidery Buyer's Guide at the True to Size Apparel website. Knowledge is power and puts your customized embroidery order results in your hands.