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Customized Cobbler Aprons :Truet to Size Apparel

Customized Cobbler Aprons :Truet to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 25th Nov 2018

Unique and customizable cobbler aprons at True to Size Apparel

True to size apparel offers a broad range of cobbler aprons, with several unique customization options available to suit your general business style. We offer a multitude of brands, styles, colors and sizes to our clients as well as extra options to further personalize the garments. Whether you need aprons for your warehouse employees or are in search of unique apparel for your catering staff: we provide an extensive selection of cobbler aprons suitable for every type of business.

What is a cobbler apron?

An apron is a garment that is generally worn over clothing, in order to protect the clothes from staining and damage. It is also worn for hygienic reasons and to protect the human body from external factors such as heat. Interesting detail: in British English a cobbler apron is known as a ‘tabard’. It is basically a protective outfit that covers both the front as well as the back, and can be fastened by either side ties or with a waist band that can be tied in the back.

A cobbler apron can be basic, but you can also spruce it up a bit so it can serve as a decorative garment that accentuates your business purposes. All of our aprons are adjustable to provide a seamless fit. The fabrics and materials used are on par with the latest health regulation standards, so you can be sure the apron meets all safety legislation and your employees are well protected.

Functional properties of our cobbler aprons

Cobbler aprons are used in a wide variety of business purposes, such as safety garments for warehouse staff, employees in the catering industry, restaurants and many other service environments. Thus, we offer many interesting extra options designed to meet specific purposes. You can choose aprons with extra pockets when your staff needs to carry around certain tools, several different fits and sizes and a vast array of fabrics. Some of the colors available in our online store are red, navy, teal, khaki, wine, black and white, but if you desire a specific color that matches your brand image this can be realised as well.

Benefits for your business: customized cobbler aprons

Apart from our large assortment of standard aprons, we offer some unique customization options to further personalize your cobbler apron. If you want your business to really stand out from the rest, you can choose extra options such as:

  • Custom Logo Embroidery
  • Monogrammed Aprons
  • Screen Printed Business Logo’s

Other ideas might very well be available on request for your company, simply contact us to enquire about all possibilities. If you want your staff to clearly propagate your business image, take a look at our collection and become inspired by all the different possibilities available at True to Size Apparel!