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Custom tote bags, cheap screen printing:True to Size Apparel

Custom tote bags, cheap screen printing:True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Custom Tote Bags

Now you can buy custom tote bags for your next promotion or event and get the quality you deserve at a wholesale price you have been dreaming of. Tote bags are a great media to get your company, team, event or message seen. People love the convenience and will remember you whether they planned to or not every time they use your tote bag.

Walking the walk and talking the talk, True to Size Apparel printed one-thousand B150 cotton tote bags with a one color logo and gave them away with our full color 48 page mini-catalog at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2008. If you want the impact of a product giveaway and are want to try something different than a tee-shirt, the canvas cotton or polyester fabric tote bag promotion is a good one. Silk screen printing of one color on one side is only 99 cents per bag to print your custom logo or message on one side. Once you have camera ready art, just tell us how wide you want it to be printed. True to Size Apparel will print any size up to twelve inches x twelve inches for that same awesome price. We convert your art to a vector file and from that we create a screen. Setup / production is only twenty-five dollars US ($25.00) per order.

When printing on grocery shopping tote or big totes, it costs a little bit more to go bigger yet, say up to 19 inches x 19 inches for setup / production, but you get that same cheap 99 cent price for a one color print in one location per garment or bag. While there is no minimum quantity requirement for embroidered orders at True to Size Apparel, there is a minimum silk screen printing quantity of six.

After the show we decided to up our game when we next exhibited at the International Restaurant Show at Chicago in May 2008, and gave away $10,000 worth of the B450 tote bag. Needless to say the show attendees went absolutely wild as the word quickly spread in the McCormick Place's two floors of exhibits. Vendors and attendees alike flocked to our big booth where we gave away several pallets of bags in less than two hours.

Whatever your event or purpose, your team or corporation will love the result of your purchase and the public will enjoy the treat. Give yourself about four weeks lead time so that you will not be stressed about delivery delays due to bad weather or other unplanned loss of time. You should look at the bag before you buy it and may want to touch and pass around several bag options.