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Custom Shirt Embroidery, Personalized :True to Size Apparel

Custom Shirt Embroidery, Personalized :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Custom Shirt Embroidery

The most important thing to expect when ordering custom shirt embroidery is that you get exactly what you expected, what you paid for. When placing a customized garment order, the shirts you ordered are WORTHLESS if the logo is poorly sewn or in the wrong location.

Time may be a factor that is equal or greater than the price you are willing to pay.
The LAST thing you want is an undesired surprise (problem) with your shirt order.

Make sure all important details are in writing.

On a single document, usually the sales order or invoice, include the thread color, logo width and or height, and the location of the logo, from the perspective of the wearer. Left side chest of the wearer is different than the left side chest of the person looking at the shirt laying on a table or mannequin.

There is no such thing as true to size. Whenever possible, take the time and added expense of ordering a blank, un-embroidered shirt or t-shirts to make sure the size you want fits as expected.

At True to Size Apparel, we always send a sewn logo to customers for their first order. 

You want that assurance by actually seeing, touching the finished embroidered logo. You do not want to take delivery of embroidered shirts that are permanently altered with a logo you are not happy with.

The logo is there to sell your brand, your business. Are the thread colors as expected?

Haste makes waste.
Give yourself enough time to give your first order the attention it deserves. Get that sewn logo and a shirt to judge sizing before you buy.

True to Size Apparel has a free Embroidery Buyer’s Guide you can download. Whether you are a purchasing professional or buying embroidered shirts for the first time, this guide may save you time and money.

Get screwed or Discover a great deal.
Shirt manufacturers provide a list of features for their fabric and how the shirt is assembled. True to Size Apparel has a free Apparel Dictionary you can download and use to translate those features.

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