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Custom Screen Printing Website. Your :True to Size Apparel

Custom Screen Printing Website. Your :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Custom Screen Printing Website

Your search for the perfect screen printing website has successfully come to an end! We have the only custom screen printing website that tells you exactly what your order is going to cost, so you do not have to wait for someone to quote you. True to Size Apparel also gives you the cheapest price for your uniform clothing - such as a polo or tee shirt, hat or bag, as low as 83% off retail.

Purchase of custom screen printing consists of a selection for the right shirt, garment or bag, logo design, price and speed of delivery. You will need to have a delivery date in mind, and realize that you will save a lot of expense on shipping by starting early enough to ship by the cheapest method possible. Many new buyers of custom logo screen printing are unaware of shipping costs and mistakenly believe their order can ship the same week it is ordered at a minimal cost. The US Post office charges about $25 to overnight a letter, and weight is a major factor in the cost of delivery.

Selection is important as you do not want to be in a position of settling on something less, you have some brand or style in mind and should have it for your event or team. True to Size Apparel offers over 40 brands, over 2,000 styles of clothes and bags.

As to logo design, if you or your team are a bunch of do it yourselfers, then the free logo design studio is there for you to upload and enhance your existing logo or to create a new logo. The design studio is also great so that you can create a mock up, thereby showing the decorator where the logo should be. A picture is worth a thousand words and is easier to interpret sometimes than written instructions. For example, when you say "left chest" are you saying as seen by someone looking at the shirt or as worn?

You can also sketch out your desired logo and True to Size Apparel will create that new logo for only $20. Expect the new logo to take about one week as we go back and forth with you until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Money is no object to very few people. Even the super rich count their pennies. True to Size Apparel has the lowest price anywhere on screen printing, starting at 99 cents for one color even if you buy six items.

The vector file is either free or only $7.77 (a vector file is needed to convert a JPG, GIF or some other image to allow transfer to film and screen), screens, also known in the trade as "setup" or "production" are $15 per color. When it comes to rush charges, there are none at True to Size Apparel. Every order is treated as a rush and is ready to ship in about one week.