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Custom logo Embroidery Services Online :True to Size Apparel

Custom logo Embroidery Services Online :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Custom Logo Embroidery

When it comes to buying embroidery services online, most embroidery companies make the process extremely complicated. I worked at one such company where the owner was convinced that the task of explaining the cost and procedures were impossible to publish on a website or a piece of paper. He thought it a fools task to explain the costs online.

True to Size Apparel has embraced all of the technology of the world wide web and have created a free embroidery buyer's guide, which customers can download in a PDF file format. That guide is very helpful for new buyers and experienced users of embroidery services who wish to know the inside scoop of how the embroidery business works.

When it comes to buying custom logo embroidery of shirts and other clothing items with embroidery services online, check out the embroidery store page and see that the process is very simple. There is no minimum order requirement for embroidery or garments. Most logos are only $2.99 to embroider and the receipt of your logo, your free embroidery sample of your logo sewn on fabric, scanned and emailed, all processes are completed online.

True to Size Apparel has customers around the world, and they feel that every customer is "local" as we are all connected via the online technology and delivery services such as UPS. For example, we have a customer that is located in Florida who buys approximately $1,500.00 worth of garments with their logo embroidered every six months for their several offices. They had purchased from an embroidery company in their city yet were unhappy with the selection and delivery schedule. True to Size Apparel is in Oregon.

The embroidery store's "cut throat pricing" policy is such that even though the cost of shipping from Oregon to Florida is an expense they did not have to consider when buying from an embroidery company in the same town, True to Size Apparel delivers quicker and at a lower total cost to the customer. We have earned their business and strive to give every business and school the same professional treatment.

Keep in mind that there is no minimum order requirement, and free shipping is available.