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Custom Jacket Embroidery. A jacket is :True to Size Apparel

Custom Jacket Embroidery. A jacket is :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Custom Jacket Embroidery

A jacket is a necessity when you desire to control your body's temperature in the spring and fall seasons. Jackets give you added comfort in the early morning hours when you are either exercising or working outdoors, and provides a convenient means of transition to the shirt you will wear exclusively as your body warms up as it burns calories during your physical efforts.

That being said, for a business or school, custom jacket embroidery is an opportunity. Hah!?

That outwear item can also promote your company or team, showing anyone who glances your way the message you wish to say. The best way to get eyeballs on your message is with custom jacket embroidery. Embroidery does cost more than screen printing, especially when you are putting that message on the back. Jackets do cost more and last longer than a polo or t-shirt as they are laundered less.

Embroidery can be as wide as twelve inches. Regarding cost, embroidery is sold by units of 1,000 stitches. At the embroidery store you will see that the first five thousand stitches are only $2.99 and every unit of 1 to 1,000 stitches is only sixty cents. True to Size Apparel has many corporate and team customers who like to use custom logos with an embroidery media for their jackets because of the quality and durability. Many say the life time cost of an embroidered jacket versus a shirt is cost efficient.

Be sure to take a look at our online store and see how much you will save with the Membership Rewards discounts of up to 83%, saving big money on name brands such as Port Authority Clothing.

Custom jacket embroidery is a time honored tradition, starting way back when high school kids would earn then wear a special symbol or letter on a jacket, known as a letterman's jacket. The custom has grown through the years as embroidery services have improved.

Best of all, there is never a minimum order requirement and free shipping is available for orders delivered in the 48 United States.