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Custom Embroidery Services near me :True to Size Apparel

Custom Embroidery Services near me :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Custom embroidery services near me

When looking for a new embroidery service company, there may be a number of questions you need answered during the selection process. If you are new to buying embroidery services or if your only effort ended in disappointment, you may find the free Embroidery Buyer's Guide online from True to Size Apparel of value. The file is in a PDF format and is a fast and easy read for someone who has a little or no experience in purchasing custom embroidery services.

There are onetime expenses and recurring expenses to embroidery. The onetime embroidery service expenses are:

  • the creation of a logo (assuming you do not have a logo yet)
  • the modification of a logo (assuming your logo is too expensive or has a lot of detail or fades that do not sew well)
  • creation of a DST or EMB file / also known as SETUP (used by the embroidery machine, it is a software program that tells exactly where the garment is positioned under as many as twelve needles on a sewing machine head)

The embroidery store at True to Size Apparel can make that DST file at a fraction of what everyone else charges only $7.77 for the first 5,000 stitches. Others charge as much as $90 for the same file. At True to Size Apparel you get all of the stitches needed for an excellent customized embroidery, no shortcuts or "thin" stitches and / or counts are used here!

As to logo creation, you are best served if you use someone local, a graphic company you can stand next to and tweak the final result face to face.

The recurring embroidery service expenses are:

  • embroidering the garment or bag. The embroidery store at True to Size Apparel charges $2.99 for most customized logo embroidery.
  • shipping (it costs more to ship a small order than a big one & thusly small orders - one hat can cost $10 to ship from the supplier to the embroidery store, then ship from the embroidery store to the customer. NO embroidery company holds inventory because the big suppliers ship next day and hold millions of square feet of warehouse space. There is no economical advantage for an embroidery company to stock any of the garments or bags they sell.

Sew outs, the actual sewing of your logo on a piece of fabric, are scanned and emailed to the customer for final approval before completing the order. The emailed sewouts are done at NO charge to the customer, they are FREE. Add $10 for US Priority Mail if you want the actual sewn logo shipped to you for that final approval.

SAVINGS:  Time and money well spent and saved. Our creation and Your approval assures you are excited and never disappointed with the results. True to Size Apparel ships embroidered orders to Canada, Australia, the Bahamas and to Africa. Your embroidery order is in the best of hands.

When searching for an embroidery company near me, please consider that we ship worldwide and most of our embroidery customers marvel that the time from order placement to receipt of order is faster than any embroidery vendors near them. Best of all, there is no minimum order requirement.