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Custom Embroidery Online. Your success :True to Size Apparel

Custom Embroidery Online. Your success :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Custom embroidery online

Your success in ordering custom embroidery online has a lot to do with your previous experience. Just like any custom order, embroidery of your custom logo for a business, event or school is not like buying off the store's shelf, it is more like ordering a wedding cake.

Custom embroidery is very personal even in large companies. Any deviation from the expected result can bring on a lot of drama. That is probably why so many buyers are concerned about looking beyond the local vendor for a better price or greater selection online.

True to Size Apparel has a number of tools that are free to the potential customer and are online for your convenience. What questions should you ask? What should you want to know to assure a successful outcome at an expected price?

Even if you are a veteran, you may discover that things have changed and your local supplier (assuming you have one) has not opened your eyes as to the possibilities. To that end, let's start with the free PDF file you can download, the Embroidery Buyer's Guide. It is a quick & easy read and you will then have the knowledge to talk to ANYONE in the business and not sound like a newbie. That result should be good for you and your company.

Do you have a logo? Have you seen it embroidered before? To avoid an unnecessary expense and becoming the subject of ridicule of your fellow staff, make the time to get a sew out of your logo. Be happy before ordering the "wedding cake" - get the relationship off to a good start by doing your due diligence. You will need a logo on a JPG, BMP, PDF, GIF file that is about 300 pixels wide so that the digitizer can get the details. Know now that logo text should be at least .25 inches high for best results and that your whole logo will have a proportionate height. The width for most orders should be under four inches, with 3.5 inches being the norm. Do not worry, if in doubt, just be sure to ask what the logo's dimensions would be with that logo minimum height in mind.

As to price, you usually get less than you pay for as there is a lot of cheating going on when it comes to telling you the truth as to stitch count. Embroidery is priced by stitch count, not by number of colors. Additional cost is likely when ordering embroidery for bags as they are so big & heavy. Also, a good company will not have a minimum order quantity. True to Size Apparel truly offers the best shirt & patch embroidery at the best prices - period!

If in doubt, shop your logo around and ask three embroidery companies to quote. It is the amount of the delivered order that matters.