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Custom Embroidery Designs. To begin :True to Size Apparel

Custom Embroidery Designs. To begin :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 6th Aug 2017

Custom Embroidery Designs

To begin the process of creating awesome custom embroidery designs for your event, team or business; you need an idea as to what the message is you wish to convey. How that message will look may not quickly come to mind. I suggest you write down a few words and phrases that best describe the message. For example, if you are an event planner then write down a few words about the event. Some of the words may be time or date sensitive while other words may relate to the location of the event. You are probably going to want a bit of both ideas as well as the purpose of the event, such as a bridal show or convention.

The result should be a billboard in appearance. Keep the image simple and stay away from small text.

Now that you have some direction and many combinations of possibilities, go to the free online logo design studio at True to Size Apparel. Select any of the many styles of shirts or hats, then take the time to look at all of the available images, colors and fonts. Here is where the magic happens as you and any other people who are decision makers on this logo eyeball your monitor or pad and play with the seemingly infinite choices available for the perfect image. You may have a logo that worked for you at previous events and seek to update or modify it. You can also use your clip art found on your word processing program or upload royalty-free art. Be sure to stay away from any copyrighted art as the use of such is illegal.

Plan to take your time & get it right. You are spending money and expect an outcome that should last long past the event.

Submit the finished custom embroidery design to True to Size Apparel online and ask for a quotation as to cost and timing. Now that you have the perfect logo you want to see how it looks when actually embroidered, how many stitches & how much will it cost is critical to your budget. To avoid any undesired surprises you will want that logo embroidered on a piece of fabric and emailed for inspection and approval. If you have the time you should pay the postage and get the actual sewn fabric in your hands. 

Consider the fabric colors you are ordering and be certain that there is sufficient contrast in the thread colors so that your logo stands out. It is a worth less logo if it is not easy to view. We have had customers who think it chic to use colors to minimize contrast, such as dark grey thread on a black shirt. It may be all of that but it will get little notice from which to attract new customers.