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Custom Embroidery Company, innovation :True to Size Apparel

Custom Embroidery Company, innovation :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Custom embroidery company

There are over 120,000 embroidery companies in the United States, some of which are within a bus ride or short drive from your office. Of course there is the internet where you can shop everyone. When shopping for an embroidery company from which to order custom logo embroidery of garments for your business or event, you want to make sure that your custom order arrives on time, as intended and at the desired price.

True to Size Apparel is an innovative and a popular custom embroidery company located in Eugene Oregon. People who are new to the embroidery process will get a lot of help when they download the free Embroidery Buyer's Guide. The embroidery buyer's guide will ask & answer a lot of questions that you may never have thought of. Since embroidery is a custom process that does not allow for returns, kind of like buying a wedding cake, it is best for everyone to get the first and every order right the first time and to avoid any misunderstanding. The embroidery buyer's guide will go a long way to prevent buyer's remorse.

If you do not have a logo, True to Size Apparel has a free online logo design studio with thousands of images, font & color combinations to choose from. You can even upload your existing logo and custom design text or graphics around your logo. You may be wanting embroidery of employee names and to do that at the lowest cost. Count on True to Size Apparel as you can avoid any setup cost if you pick a house font.  If you do not want a company logo, just a company name, then you will want to digitize that company name and think of it as a logo, because you can get a lower embroidery cost. For example: John's Gardening would cost only $2.99 for a shirt or hat if you are doing many garments and you digitize those two words. As a person's name: John Garden is two words and costs $5.98 to embroider using a limited list of fonts.

The online logo studio makes a PNG file so that your completed logo can be digitized. That is a money & time saver as you also get a mock up, showing everyone WHERE that logo is to be embroidered and the relative size.

So when you realize that True to Size Apparel provides a free logo design studio, free embroidery buyer's guide, free emailed sew out, rush service without a rush price, thousands of garment styles, $2.99 embroidery & $7.77 digitizing /setup for 5,000 stitch logos; is there any doubt that you have found a resource that your company or school could fall in love with?

Thought so!