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Custom embroidery companies. If you :True to Size Apparel

Custom embroidery companies. If you :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 9th Sep 2014

Custom Embroidery Companies

If you have had it up to HERE with embroidery companies that charge WAY TOO much and take too long to sew your company's logo and names on the uniforms you purchased, then you may be ready to make a change!

True to Size Apparel has been in the embroidery business for almost twenty years, although this is the first year we have been on the Internet. You are in good hands when you realize we have sold embroidered garments to companies as far away as Nigeria, Africa.

There are about 150,000 embroidery companies in the United States. True to Size Apparel helps the buyer of corporate logo apparel or school team uniform buyer to better understand how this industry thinks by giving away a FREE Embroidery Buyer's Guide to your business, a PDF file that can be downloaded. You will be impressed and informed, all at no more than a few minutes of reading, a mere mouse click away.

True to Size Apparel ships embroidered garments and bags around the world. Why buy local if those custom embroidery companies lack access to the types, color and sizes of garments or bags your organization wants? Most buyers are pleasantly pleased to learn that True to Size Apparel can deliver a custom embroidered order for less than a local company can. It makes sense that there is no reason to pay more for less, it makes sense to take a look at True to Size Apparel.

You will like the speed of service - about seven days in most cases, the low digitizing cost of your logo and company names - about $8 for 5,000 stitches, and wholesale embroidery and uniforms from brands such as Port Authority Clothing, you are talking about a decorating cost of $3 for most logos. If it sounds like our offer is too good to be true, then you have got to run to the phone and call us - prepare to be pampered like a rich kid.

There is never a minimum order requirement and free shipping is available.