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Custom embroidered aprons with custom :True to Size Apparel

Custom embroidered aprons with custom :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Custom Embroidered Aprons

Cheap priced custom embroidered aprons with a custom designed logo are quite popular items of purchase for restaurants, airlines and cooking shows around the world. If you are shopping for aprons then you must have many questions that need to be answered in order to complete your purchase.

Then you go to medium and full length aprons, the very popular cobbler apron, then the big bar bistro, bib and chef's and catering aprons are for sale and rise to about $30 for a blank kitchen apron. At True to Size Apparel you can be assured of paying the sale price every time without worrying about a minimum order quantity that you do not need for a small business or for fill in orders. Individuals and families will love that they are not paying retail for their summer cooking grill apron when they only need one or two.

There is no minimum order requirement for embroidery of custom logo made aprons or other garments. A wide assortment of over thirty styles from manufacturers such as Port Authority Clothing and Edwards Garment will suit almost any smart buyer when they view the wide range of colors and features available, such as adjustable necks and easy care fabric treatment.

Wholesale custom logo embroidery and silk screen printing is a snap at True to Size Apparel. You merely email your jpg or pdf file with your logo and tell us how wide you want it and where you want it sewn or printed. We get back to you within one business day, usually less, with a firm price that starts at a cheap price of only 99 cents for one color ink printing and $2.99 for most four inch wide logos on your server or salon apron. Custom names are only $2.99 for one word such as "Mary" or for monograms.