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Custom Chef Jackets for Men :True to Size Apparel

Custom Chef Jackets for Men :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 1st Jul 2018

Custom Chef Jackets for Men

For some people a Chef’s jacket means nothing more than the term implies. It’s a white jacket, could be any material, it’s going to get stained anyway so who really cares about the material and it has a high neck. That’s it, right? Wrong!

Custom Chef Jackets for Men will always beat mass produced, generic options because they will be made with the need of the specific individual in mind. Here are true to size apparel, we don’t believe that one size fits all. In fact, we strongly believe in customization!

A Chef Jacket for a man will be different from a Chef Jacket for a woman and will require a different cut and fit and we keep that in mind when designing the jackets and having them stitched. We also ensure that the Chef Jackets are made of durable yet light weight material so that your Chef can go ahead and cook without fear that any spills and splatters will ruin their uniform in one go and they’ll have to deal with stiff, stained material however long they’re working at your restaurant. And you can’t have your chef worried about stains, how else will they cook! Choosing the durability of the material is also important because working in the kitchen is a sweaty task and the Chef Jacket needs to be washed over and over again without wearing down.

Another important factor when selecting the material of the Chef Jacket is to make sure it is a breathable fabric because being in the kitchen all day is hot work and you don’t want your Chefs to faint halfway through their shift because the uniform made them so overheated due to poor quality fabric that they just couldn’t bear the heat. So don’t compromise on quality!

We mentioned that we make custom chef jackets for men and we deliver on that promise. Whatever color and style you want for the Chef Jacket we will design as you specify. Not only that, we also provide custom logo embroidery services so that when your Chef goes out to receive praise on their amazing handiwork the name of your restaurant stands out proudly from their lapels. And this will make your customers even more likely to remember the name and keep returning again and again!

So head on over to our shop and let us help you pick out the best Chef Jackets to enable your Chefs to be comfortable and do their best work.