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Custom Caps, Hat Embroidery. Caps are :True to Size Apparel

Custom Caps, Hat Embroidery. Caps are :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Embroidered Custom Caps, Hats

Caps are worn for function and fashion. Custom logo cap embroidery is there to serve both needs on this inexpensive garment. Depending upon the fabric, caps can offer many possibilities for custom embroidery.

If the fabric is not mesh, you can embroider on either side, the front and sometimes the back of the hat. The back of the hat is a popular location for a website address / url. As most caps are adjustable to fit most sizes with the use of velcro fasteners, there is oftentimes a gap in the back with an arch to that part of the hat. If the hat design you are considering has such a design, then I would recommend that the URL be arched as well.

The digitizing of your logo is a bit different for a hat than for flat garments because of the curved crown. Your shirt or jacket digitized logo must be modified for hats and may require a separate digitizing cost.

Sky is the limit otherwise, especially in the front of the cap. Custom embroidery makes a statement unlike any other garment choice because people are first going to look at your face, and next to eye contact, is hat contact. Coming or going, your expression regarding a favorite team, cause, event or fantasy, there is no more inexpensive way to express yourself than on a hat.

True to Size Apparel does not have a minimum order requirement for embroidery. The embroidery store at True to Size Apparel will embroider your custom logo on one hat, baseball cap or visor. The digitizing / production cost is the lowest in the United States, starting at $7.77 for up to 5,000 stitches. Quality you can see, at a price you can believe.