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Cost Reduction Strategies in Telecomm :True to Size Apparel

Cost Reduction Strategies in Telecomm :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Facsimile & Cellular transmissions have contributed to an increase in the use of telephone lines for local use, from between 15% to 50% While long distance costs have fallen, local costs have risen dramatically.

For most people, it's too big a project to mess with. Just pay that phone bill when it arrives and walk away from it. After all, it's THE PHONE COMPANY. Like other industries, communications firms are shrouded in veils of vocabulary and regulation.

With all of the advertising focused on the long-distance Carrier Wars, most managers are unaware that long distance call expenses have dropped, while local & local long distance call charges have risen dramatically. Because of deregulation, your cost per call and your overall phone bills have gone up, not down!

Phone expenses have skyrocketed because the utility of telephone lines have increased. Telecommunications is not just an industry which connects the voice and ears of users. It is facsimile, data transmissions from personal computer to personal computer, and more recently, graphics and video. According to EDP Analyzer, March 1986, "Keeping Abreast of Telecommunications," only 15% of the typical telecommunications budget was consumed by non-voice media. Today, that figure has changed to approximately 50%

One of the ways to get a handle on your expenses is to block outbound dialing of prefix codes: 411, 540, 940 and 976; as well as "900" area codes. You can also insist upon a user's last 4 social security digits or other password, as a means of tracking calls outside of your local area. The installation of call tracking software and a printer, can give you a detailed analysis of where your telephone dollar is going. Charge back your employees for personal calls and periodically hold them responsible for their use of your firm's asset. Regarding 411 calls, give your employees access to current telephone directories. If their call is not to a customer and not within their assigned calling area, they should not be using your phone for their comfort... 

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