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Corporate Embroidery. Embroidered :True to Size Apparel

Corporate Embroidery. Embroidered :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Corporate Embroidery

Embroidery of a corporate logo is big business in the United States for both the business ordering customized polo shirts or similar garments and promotional items such as bags and hats, as well as for the embroidery business.

Corporations know that it is very important to establish their brand in the minds of as many people as possible, and that the graphic image is key to that result.

Corporate embroidery buyers utilize embroidered shirts or jackets at events such as trade shows and state fairs for their employee uniforms. Every time a potential customer sees a professionally attired worker who acts in a responsible manner and sporting a smile, it is money in the bank.

When ordering embroidery for your corporate purpose, it is best if you can start soon enough in the process so that you can see your logo already embroidered on a fabric identical to that which you are buying. If you have already embroidered that logo before and are using the same embroidery company again, then that part of the process is settled. If that embroiderer has gone out of business or if you are looking around to find a better price, then you will need that extra time to complete this vital first step.

The eyes of your supervisors and employees are upon you until that day when the garments are being worn or the promotional items are given away. Time is your friend if you start early enough to assure quality and delivery, or time is your enemy if there is too little time to sew that logo, negotiate the price, take delivery and inspect the result.

You can reduce your custom embroidery cost by using fewer stitches. One effective means of doing more with less, is to let the fabric color substitute for one of the colors of thread. This is assuming that your logo has an interior such as the Ford Motor Company's oval logo. They only have to sew the exterior oval and the text when the fabric color is used, otherwise they have to sew the entire interior - known as "fill".

Unlike most embroidery companies, at True to Size Apparel, there is no minimum order requirement. This is important for the corporate buyer who should order one garment with embroidery to see and touch the result before placing a large event order. True to Size Apparel also gives the best price regardless of quantity. That is an important factor when buying uniforms for staff. It can save the business buyer a lot of money as they do not have to anticipate the quantity of each size needed for a period of time. Some employees may outgrow their previous allotment of clothing, etc. and reorders at many embroidery companies seems horribly overpriced.

While you are still in the planning process, be sure to download the free Embroidery Buyer's Guide at True to Size Apparel, where you may find a new question to ask before your next order. Knowledge is power and you may get a better result or save some money or both!