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Contract Embroidery Pricing. How do you:True to Size Apparel

Contract Embroidery Pricing. How do you:True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Contract embroidery wholesale price list

How do you know if you are paying the right price for what you are buying? That is a question almost everyone asks during most purchases. How many of us have feelings, justified or not, about having gotten the bad part of the deal? How many of you have frequent pangs of buyer's remorse?

There is retail and there is wholesale. Retail prices are what we pay for soda or popcorn at the movie theater. Wholesale embroidery pricing is the bag of uncooked popcorn kernels that we heat up in the microwave or on the kitchen stove. When it comes to embroidery, if you are buying for yourself a garment or a few for a special event such as an anniversary or wedding, then you are going to the movies as you have no volume or repeat business to trade for a discount.

If you are buying for your business or are purchasing a large quantity for a giveaway or such event, then you may deserve to get the wholesale price that is oftentimes referred to as the contract price. Contract embroidery pricing is that we shall refer to here as the kitchen stove. Our price list is too simple, everyone pays the wholesale price of only $2.99 for 5,000 stitches + 60 cents for every group of stitches over the 5,000: example - 6,009 stitch logo is embroidered for only $4.19

The business model of big box stores such as Costco is to give everyone the wholesale services deal every time. The business model of True to Size Apparel is similar to that big box deal, except that the specialty here is that of team and business uniforms with embroidery or screen printing. Everyone who buys embroidery services at the embroidery store gets contract embroidery pricing on every order, regardless of size. True to Size Apparel does NOT discriminate on the basis of order size.

To help their customers, True to Size Apparel goes the extra mile by giving away a free embroidery buyer's guide that is easy to download and a wonderful tool of the new decorating buyer. Your reason to consider the contract embroidery prices at the embroidery store is that you do not ever have to worry after the order is placed and shipped, if whether or not you paid too much, if you could have negotiated a better price. That should give you confidence and help you keep more of your hard earned money.