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Commercial Embroidery. One cannot avoid:True to Size Apparel

Commercial Embroidery. One cannot avoid:True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 4th Aug 2017

Commercial Embroidery

You work hard for your company and True to Size Apparel offers garments with features that work almost as hard as you do. Tell us what you are doing and we may have something unique with regard to fabric or treatment to the material that may be of interest to you. Buying the right clothes can be a lot more than fashion and price.

That being said, once you have made your garment selection, your team or company should consider the marketing advantages of custom embroidered logos. When it comes to commercial embroidery, quantity speaks volumes. What makes True to Size Apparel attractive is that a buyer is not forced to hold unwanted inventory or pay more for fill-in orders. We are as flexible as you want a company to be. After all, how can you hold shirt or apron inventory for sizes of people who you do not know? Most embroidery companies are insensitive to something you know all too well, and that is "turnover".

One cannot avoid shipping costs, so it does cost more to order one or a few items than it does to buy hundreds. The embroidery and garment cost always stays the same so you are not being punished when you need a few instead of a lot.

Large orders are processed on multi-ton embroidery machines that can hold up to a dozen shirts or other garments at the same time, while small orders may be done individually. The costs are greater on fill orders due to the loading of the computer file that has your digitized logo. It takes almost the same amount of prep time to do one as to do twelve garments. The folks at True to Size Apparel eat the cost increase as a matter of providing great customer service.


True to Size Apparel has a Membership Rewards program & customers can name their own discount, up to 83% off of retail on name brand mens shirts, womens jackets and kids pants from Port Authority Clothing, Hanes & Jerzees and many others.

Words that customers use to describe our policies towards our commercial clients include:  "wow" as they realize we do not discriminate on the basis of quantity. ALL orders are accepted gratefully. We even give away a free embroidery buyer's guide so that you know all of the industry secrets and questions to ask before you buy from anyone.