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Chef's Coats Embroidered :True to Size Apparel

Chef's Coats Embroidered :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 26th Jun 2018

Chef’s Coats Embroidered

So you’ve opened up an amazing restaurant, it serves a delectable variety of dishes which all taste really good, you’ve hired the best interior designer so your restaurant interior is swanky and interesting and you have well trained servers in uniforms that look crisp, professional and attractive. And the main investment, your wonderful chefs! Because of course they will be making the delectable dishes that keep making customers return again and again. Now what’s missing from this perfect restaurant scenario? A perfect Chef’s Coat embroidered proudly with your restaurant’s logo!

You want your chefs to be comfortable in their uniform and you also want them to feel good when wearing their Chef coats and none of these factors come from compromising on quality. It’s a good idea to research and figure out the best material for you Chef’s Coat, a process that we can help you with, so that you choose a material which is lightweight and breathable, allowing the Chef to be comfortable in the kitchen throughout their shift and not feel too hot. The coat also needs to be made of fabric that is durable and can undergo many washings so that it doesn’t wear out the first time there’s a spill or after the first sweaty shift.

We also understand the importance of making your Chef’s Coat look fashionable because who doesn’t like to look good? Your Chefs will definitely feel happier and more energized when they know they look good in their uniforms. We differentiate between the clothing needs for men and women and we make different styles of coats for both as per their choice with different cuts and silhouettes for both.

A Chef’s Coat embroidered will look more personalized and will stand out more compared to one which is not embroidered. Embroidery can be used to personalize the Chef’s Coat any way you want. We could embroider for you with high precision your restaurant’s name and logo as well as the name of the Chef for whom the Coat is being made so that there is not mix up with someone else’s uniform. We could embroider on patches and have them sewn on or even embroider an artsy logo if that’s how you want to make your Chef’s Coats stand out. The choices are endless.

Now that you have a basic guide and an idea of just how many options you can choose from we hope we can help you pick the perfect type of Chef’s Coats for your restaurant.