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Chef Coat Embroidery, Custom embroider :True to Size Apparel

Chef Coat Embroidery, Custom embroider :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Chef Coat Embroidery

Persona is a major factor in life, and more importantly in your restaurant.

A person’s behavior is influenced a lot by what they are wearing. Mostly from a subconscious level, we are very likely to mimic the actions that are related to garments.

A person wearing formal attire will be more reserved than someone in a tee shirt.

Also, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Thusly, other employees and customers will form their own opinion in large part by the presentation on their plate and the presentation your staff makes with their apparel and actions.

Customizing chefs coats is rather straight forward and inexpensive.

An embroidered logo is typically placed on the wearer’s left side, above the pocket. You may also consider the chefs name on the right side. Thread colors range from a contrasting color, such as black thread on a white chefs coat or a subtle look of identical thread color as the fabric.

  • Most left chest logos measure four inches or less width and utilize approximately 5,000 stitches.
  • Your chef coat embroidery would cost only $2.99 to add your customized logo at True to Size Apparel.
  • A one word embroidered name is available for only $2.99 per location, per garment.
  • The onetime digitizing / setup of your company’s logo is only $25 and can be used on all future orders.
  • FREE sew out is mailed to any of the 48 continental US states via US Priority Mail.
  • FREE FedEx ground shipping to any location within the 48 continental United States for orders of $80 or greater

When using a new embroiderer or a new logo, take the time to receive a sewn logo on a piece of fabric before you place your order.

If the chefs uniforms you are buying are of a manufacturer or style that you have not worn before, then buy a few items to test sizes. There is no such thing as true to size (we should know!).

Once you have your sizes figured out and the logo is approved, then place your order.
At True to Size Apparel, all orders are treated as RUSH. In fact, we do not have a rush charge just because there is no purpose in that. We are that good.

Avoid an expensive confrontation with your sweatshirt embroiderer by getting all of the thread color, dimension, jacket color, size and quantity, and the expected receipt date IN WRITING.

Get all of the details on one document such as the sales order. Many custom orders are negotiated between the embroidery company and the purchaser, where one or more changes are made via email or telephone. Confusion can occur when a particular change is forgotten during the order’s execution. All final details should be on one email or the sales order.

True to Size Apparel has published more than five hundred videos on YouTube and on our shopping cart. The goal at True to Size Apparel is to provide a video of every garment and bag on our online store.

Virtual shopping satisfies most questions regarding fit and finish of clothing, allowing customers to shop online and getting their order right the first time.

No other embroidery company does more to satisfy a customer the first time

True to Size Apparel is the ONLY custom logo uniform supplier to exhibit at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and only one of a handful to exhibit at the International Restaurant Association in Chicago.

  • Wear Today – Pay Later
    No Payments for six months
    No Interest for six months
    For orders of $99 or greater