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Apron Embroidery, Custom logo aprons :True to Size Apparel

Apron Embroidery, Custom logo aprons :True to Size Apparel

Posted by Gene Constant on 5th Aug 2017

Apron Embroidery

Known as a Persona, employee / human behavior is significantly influenced by what they wear. Having the right uniform can save your business a lot of money in otherwise lost productivity and attendance.  Customer perception and acceptance of your brand is built or lost by the presentation offered by the right employee attitude, neatness and perception of quality.  Apron embroidery of your custom logo and the selection of the best apron is important for your restaurant or other business where you desire to protect your employee’s apparel or to add utility via extra pockets, etc.

 The bigger the logo, the more attention it will receive. Bigger can be better.

Apron embroidery costs are directly related to the number of stitches to sew the logo, bigger costs more.
There is a lot of space to say almost anything to anyone on an apron. The bib apron on the previous (size matters) slide has doubled your options as you can decorate with embroidery or screen printing on the back!

Then there are pockets and neck straps available to promote a service or brand. Presentation, presentation, presentation.

If this is your first kitchen or restaurant apron uniform or you are looking for a new look, take the time to touch and even wear a few test undecorated / not embroidered aprons. 

Your staff should be asked to provide input.

  • Do you need or want pockets?
  • Is there a fit or sizing problem?
  • Is that style of apron available in the desired color?
  • Does the supplier typically have sufficient stock for your business?

You made this order, you will own the results for life. Before you buy big, buy one. Make the time to get your order right and not put yourself into a position of eating a bad order by being in a hurry.
A bad uniform is like a bad relationship. You cannot begin to be happy again until you get as far away from it so that you can forget and start anew.
True to Size Apparel has exhibited at the International Restaurant Association convention in Chicago and at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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