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Blank Shirts & Outerwear

Blank Shirts & Outerwear

There are nearly an infinite number of reasons why individuals, companies and sports teams decorate their jerseys, polo shirts and outerwear.

The vast majority of the orders we receive are from people for themselves. For most of those orders, their decoration choice is not to customize, but to get their order blank. Blank as a decoration choice tells us that the garment is not to be embroidered, monogrammed or printed. Their purchase is to be shipped without embellishment or alteration. The choice of no decoration allows overnight and second day delivery, which happens for last minute, unplanned needs that we are all to happy to fulfill.

More individuals and families shop TSA Clothing for blank t-shirts, tote bags, backpacks and jackets because they cannot find what we sell anywhere else. The big box stores sell winter clothes in September and spring fashions in November; always three months earlier than when to wear them

For any season or no reason, TSA Clothing can quickly deliver the garments or accessories you need quickly. 

TSA is a worldwide clothing distributor. Many of our orders are to repeat customer's in Australia, the Bahamas, Lagos Nigeria and England. These destinations receive large orders via air-freight or container, and the time needed to decorate is too much for people who are waiting days and weeks for the order as blank. They can buy blank from us & embellish their purchase at home.

Then there are new business orders, where samples are needed to see, touch & try on before placing a large uniform order for their sports team or corporate event. They oftentimes work with us to create a logo or to make changes to complement their specific utility.

Blank Shirts & Outerwear

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