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Biography of Dr. Gene Constant, DBA - founder of True to Size Apparel

BIOGRAPHY OF GENE CONSTANT, Founder & President of True to Size Apparel

Dr. Gene Constant is a multi-talented professional with over 25 years of experience in handling top managerial positions across different organizations. The versatile seasoned professional who is equipped with in-depth knowledge in all facets of catalog, retail and distribution management is also the founder and owner of a popular online clothing company called True to Size Apparel (TSA). The 68 years old is known for an engaged management style that promotes collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement, in a bid to build high performing teams that are capable of accomplishing both short and long run business objectives. He is currently utilizing all the knowledge, skills and experiences he has acquired to become a market disruptor in the specialty of the custom logo / decorated clothing trade.

Over the years, Gene was able to work his way from a minimum wage at JCPenney to managerial positions in renowned companies like KNG America, where he performed a comprehensive cost analysis that resulted in a 25% reduction of freight and packaging expenses. Furthermore, as the General Manager of AA Wireless between the years 1993 and 1997, he successfully added value to the organization by increasing sales from $24 Million to $84 Million annually. The top executive also registered consistent records of achievements while occupying managerial roles in companies including Santa Barbara Savings & Loans, E.G. Brennan & Company, CPD Accessories, Inc, Radco, and K’s Merchandise Mart, Inc.

Aside being a professional, Dr. Gene had also served the US military. At the age of 18, he was enlisted in the US Navy where he served as a radio man and was honorably discharged. He also enlisted in the US Marine Corps reserves and was honorably discharged. At a time, he also volunteered as a Springfield Illinois auxiliary cop. Gene actually had a strong passion to rejoin the US Navy’s OCS as a commissioned officer, but unfortunately for him, he missed the opportunity due to an age factor & due to the drawdown of forces due to the ending of the Vietnam conflict, despite recommendation letters from the Marine Corp Major Meeks, Governor George Wallace of Alabama and a few others.

Gene has also played a role in politics in the United States. He served as the 20th Congressional District for the 1976 ‘Wallace for President Campaign’ and equally contested as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. In 1975, Gene was recognized for his services by the Alabama Governor, George Wallace, who appointed him an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Aide-de-Camp in the Alabama State Militia.

Gene Constant, who has a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) has also earned an ASBA (Associate of Science Business Administration). He is also a holder of an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and a B. S. in Business Administration obtained from the California Lutheran University and the University of Redlands respectively. He was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in June 1983 and became a Certified Purchasing Manager (N.A.P.M.) in 1991.

Gene’s career journey has been exciting, but his most memorable moment was attending an Export/Import class while earning his MBA at the California Lutheran University. The class which was funded by the US Department of Commerce and was to be used as a model for similar classes in other universities accorded the participants an opportunity to travel to Hong Kong and other Asian countries as the first college Trade Mission to the orient. Even though Gene didn’t make the journey because of work obligations, he was so proud to use one of the first chat rooms as a member of the Oxnard World Trade Center. Another experience Gene holds close to his heart was an opportunity to teach Total Production Maintenance, on two occasions, of two day seminars in Mexico City, during which was simultaneously translated, which was attended by approximately 40 managers from renowned firms, including BIC and PEMEX.

Gene is married to a wonderful woman, Christina from Taiwan. The couple who has no children lives in Eugene Oregon. He has a warm personality and always attributes his success to his reliability, consistency and commitment to hard work.