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3D Custom Logo

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3D Custom Logo Design

3D logo design is an exciting way to promote your business, idea or organization. Eye-popping depth to your otherwise plain designs is sure to get attention and help you be remembered.

The old-school method of height and width are just that. 3D logos are ideal for your website, business cards, hats, shirts and much more. The prices have never been lower and you are limited only by your imagination.

True to Size Apparel realizes that a successful journey begins with a first step, and that start is in you having a 3D design. You get a very low price of only $19.19 when you give us your roughly drawn logo, or any other way to convey what you are seeking in a final result. Your 3D logo will be emailed to you within ten business days, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Your order includes two revisions. LOVE the result or get a refund.

3D Custom Embroidered Logo

Coming soon. You can have your 3D custom logo embroidered on a shirt, hat, jacket or bag. Stand out and get the most attention from potential customers when they see your name or brand. Those old-school 2D images are something that needs more effort to get people to remember your school or business.

3D Custom Screen Printed Logo

Coming soon. You can have your 3D custom logo screen printed on a shirt, jacket or bag at a very low price.


3D Custom Logo

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    3D Custom Logo Design

    The world is a very competitive place and your team or business needs every opportunity it can find to be seen and remembered by potential customers and fans. Refreshing your logo so that it reflects media changes in the 21st century could be a game...

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