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Save up to 83% OFF of Retail Clothing Prices for a Full Year

membership-rewards-genieSay hello to our Rewards Genie and feast your eyes on True to Size Apparel's innovative membership program!

It is important to note that we are talking about name brands such as Nike, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Augusta Sportswear, Ogio, and embroidery company brands including Port Authority and Ultra Club, plus many other brands. All items are new, there are no seconds, no odd lots or rejects, GUARANTEED.

Select from a rewards list for individual one-time & first time buyers, as well as membership discounts for household, small business and big business buyers. The first thing to know is that no one pays retail, ever. When you look at any item's price, you will see a:

  • Retail price,
  • Your Savings - dollar amount saved at Today's Price
  • Regular price - which is discounted 20% from retail, then there is
  • Today's price - which is discounted to a total savings of 33% OFF from retail.

Today's Price means exactly what it says, prices can change up or down daily.

Take control of your budge and time & make your own luck. With the True to Size Apparel Rewards Genie, you do not have to wait until Black Friday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Back to School, your Birthday, or any other event. You do not have to suffer from buyer's remorse, wondering if you could have gotten a better deal by being more aggressive or by exaggerating the size of your purchase to see how far you can go, one order at a time. You are in complete control of your clothing costs with our Rewards Genie. That girl is your best friend forever!

For shoppers who are buying for the first time, they can use the coupon code: firsttime to save an additional 10% from Today's price on select brands. (details shown below)

The innovation begins here for customers who would like buy again and do not want to pay a higher price on their return visits. Customers no longer have to wait for a holiday or clip a coupon, they can get the discount they have earned for an entire year and can order an unlimited number of times during the year. The Rewards Genie has listened to her customers and your wish is her command!

True to Size Apparel has created a Membership Rewards program that is tiered so as to allow you membership discounts that big volume buyers seek. The cost of the membership can easily be offset for many when you compare the anticipated value of your annual purchases, comparing the money saved by using the added discount to the cost of the membership at a specific level.

For example, if your membership costs $100 for the year, you get a 10% discount from Today's Price (43% discount from retail) for a year; you would be saving more than the membership fee if your purchases for the year are greater than $1,000. When joining at a membership cost of $200 and earning a 15% discount from Today's Price, your discount pays for the membership when your purchases for an entire year are greater than $1,340.

For large companies buying uniforms for their staff, resellers, retailers, convention centers, universities and government agencies; the $10,000 membership level would be attractive when their annual purchases exceed $40,000

Membership discounts do not apply to embroidery or screen printing services. Cannot stack promotions, no free digitizing or setup. Order as often as you like, the number of orders is unlimited. All orders for delivery within the 48 United States to a US address, your freight forwarder or our freight forwarder. No membership discount orders are being accepted by International Checkout.

 First Time Shopper's Receive 10% OFF

  • Receive an additional 10% Off Today's Price with a $50 minimum order of the below listed brands.
  • CornerStone, Nike, Ogio, Port Authority Clothing, Precious Cargo, Sports Tek and Red House brands.
  •  Coupon not available for embroidery or screen printed orders.

Coupon code:  firsttime

Membership Rewards Levels and Discounts


 FEE Membership Discount  Duration

 $10  10% Discount from Today's Price
 1 month  
 $20  10% Discount from Today's Price
 2 months  
 $30  10% Discount from Today's Price  3 months  
 $40  10% Discount from Today's Price  4 months  
 $50  10% Discount from Today's Price  5 months  
 $60  10% Discount from Today's Price  6 months  
 $70  10% Discount from Today's Price  7 months  
 $80  10% Discount from Today's Price  8 months  
 $90  10% Discount from Today's Price  9 months  
 $100  10% Discount from Today's Price  1 year  
 $200  15% Discount from Today's Price  1 year  
 $300  20% Discount from Today's Price  1 year  
 $500  25% Discount from Today's Price  1 year  
 $1,000  30% Discount from Today's Price  1 year  
 $5,000  40% Discount from Today's Price*¥  1 year  
 $10,000  50% Discount from Today's Price*¥  1 year  

*Customer pays all shipping costs for the $5,000 and $10,000 tiers due to the substantial product discount. No minimum order requirement per order. Discount not available for screen printing or embroidery services. Because of the extremely low product cost & the lack of manufacturer's price stability or guarantee, all items will be price checked with our suppliers to confirm costs before acceptance of order.

¥ Add 4% to your order total if paying by credit card, 1.5% if paying by Bitpay, $40 if paying via wire transfer. No transaction costs if paying by Dwolla.

Membership fees are not refundable nor pro-rated for any purpose.



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