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Custom Screen Printing No Minimum

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Custom silk screen printed t-shirts

If you are a buyer of uniforms for your team, it can be expensive and frustrating to try placing a small order for new players and discovering that you must purchase more uniforms than you need. What the heck are you going to do with extra jerseys & how are you expected to pay for something that is going to be thrown away or at least never used?

You want the team logo and player's number screen printed, of course! Here is where True to Size Apparel comes to the rescue. If you reorder a few extra team jerseys or t shirts within thirty days of your larger order purchase, then the screens are still available and you can thereby avoid a new screen or setup cost. Nice to hear, huh! For that circumstance you can print one shirt and only pay for the shirt, shipping and about one dollar for one color custom logo in one location. Sweet!

If you order replacement or additional jerseys after thirty days, then the screens have been recycled and must be purchased. Your minimum order is still a minimum of one. The great thing about buying from True to Size Apparel is that you can design your custom logo online at their website for free. You can also use that same website to modify your existing logo and to provide a mockup for the screen printer and for yourself. A mock up is an image that shows a similar garment or bag with the image placed in the desired location and of the approximate size. Mockups are great in providing a guide to avoid any miscommunication. A custom decorated product cannot be returned for a refund and is worthless to everyone if the result is not what the customer (you) expected.

True to Size Apparel will create a new logo for your event, business or team for a cheap price of only $20. You just send them a rough outline or sketch of what the final logo should look like and include any photographs that may clearly illustrate parts of the logo, and True to Size Apparel will do the rest, and not rest until you are 100% satisfied or your money back.

With over two-thousand styles of apparel and accessories to choose from, at bulk discounts of up to 83% off of retail with their low wholesale priced membership rewards program, how can you shop anywhere else and justify paying more than necessary for your next custom screen printing order?

How Ending Discrimination with a Kiss Increased Sales Worldwide for this Clothing Firm

True to Size Apparel believed early on that the custom uniform embroidery business suffers from an industry standard of price discrimination. Embroiderers do not like small orders and punish smaller volume buyers with tiered prices. They charge more per embroidered garment when fewer pieces are serviced at any one order. Understanding that customers do not want [...]

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Embroidered Nike polo shirts dri fit sale

The only thing better than something on sale is something for FREE. If you are in the market for Nike polo shirts, then your visit to True to Size Apparel will make your day because online buyers of Nike polo golf shirts get free embroidered names or chest logos with every purchase. Event planners and [...]

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Custom embroidered aprons.

Cheap priced custom embroidered aprons with a custom designed logo are quite popular items of purchase for restaurants, airlines and cooking shows around the world. If you are shopping for aprons then you must have many questions that need to be answered in order to complete your purchase.Starting with the apron, you have select a [...]

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Embroidered wholesale polo shirts, fast, no minimum

Stop looking if you have been browsing the internet for embroidered polo shirts for your business. Nobody delivers embroidered polo shirts faster than True to Size Apparel. Just like the fast food restaurants, you can have your team or corporate uniforms designed your way right away. True to Size Apparel ships worldwide and is known [...]

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Custom baseball, basketball jerseys for cheap

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Custom embroidered jackets for business

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Port Authority Clothing stores.

Shoppers looking for Port Authority clothing stores online are in for a treat of a lifetime when they find True to Size Apparel. Buyers already know how wildly popular Port Authority Clothing is with businesses and teams. When looking for a style that is always in stock every day of the year, a style that [...]

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Screen printing clothing. Wholesale custom shirts

Today is your lucky day if you are shopping for vendors who specialize in screen printing clothing at wholesale prices. The screen printing process is pretty straight forward. If you are buying jerseys for a sports team, then you will want the team logo or name on the upper back, a player's number on front [...]

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Port Authority Shirts, K500, S608 color charts

A Port Authority color chart is extremely helpful when shopping online for tee shirts such as their popular PC61 tee shirt, which is manufactured for Port Authority Clothing by Hanes. When you are uniforming your team or screen printing your customized logo or message for a promotional giveaway, it is nice to know that the [...]

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